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My name is Martina Majcen (director and the owner of the company) and I am a licenced professional tourist guide with 12 years of guiding experience.

I’ve travelled a lot in my past. By visiting Caribbean islands and Arabic countries in North Africa I gained good ability to adapt to multicultural environments. Since I travelled across North America, Australia and UK I got to know the English speaking people’s culture. I also lived and worked in London, where I perfected my fluency in English. And while guiding around Europe I have seen lots of important and as well hidden places in our continent.

I was employed in one of tour operator companies in Slovenia and later tourist guiding became my core business for about 10 years. I have started as an outgoing guide (guiding Slovenian tourists around 17 different Countries in Europe), but each year there were more and more English speaking groups that I guided around Slovenia. I love doing that, and I am so proud of the beauty of my homeland, which I wish to share with you.

Now, my core business is hospitality – rent of the apartments to tourists. Unfortunately I don’t have time to guide anymore, but I am still in contact with one of the best tourist guides in Slovenia. With them we can offer you private tours around Slovenia and unique experiences.



We suggest this tour to the travelers who would like to get to know Slovenia and its capital in detail. After the tour, you will understand our Slovenian identity, know more about our previous homeland Yugoslavia, its (dis)advantages and the reason, why more than 90 % of Slovenians decided for independent Slovenia.

As you know, first lady of USA- Melania, comes from Slovenia and left the country because of the promising future in the West. At the end of the tour, we are sure you will understand why Melania and generally, we, young people from that time, longed to go abroad. We are going to share with you our personal experience from that time and in newly established, young country Slovenia.

We are going to stroll along the unusual places: Congress Square, Republic Square, Museums Square, Ajdovščina area, . . . where the most of the buildings and monuments from Communist times are.

Authors (from left to right): Energetska Izkaznica d.o.o., unknown, Č, Miran Kambič