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Cookies and Privacy Policy

By using the LILL.SI website, the user acknowledges that he or she agrees with the privacy policy and cookies.


LILL.SI Privacy Policy

At Lill we appreciate your privacy, that is why we ensure that your data is carefully protected.

The purpose of the privacy policy of the LILL.SI website is to inform our users, visitors, customers or potential buyers with the purpose and legal basis of personal data processing by the company LILL ONLINE d.o.o., Karlovška cesta 10, 1000 Ljubljana. Contact e-mail:

The privacy policy may be modified or updated at any time without prior notice. By using our websites after the modification or update, the users confirm that they agree with the modifications or updates.

The privacy policy has been compiled to deal with the management of information that we receive from you when you visit and use the LILL.SI webpage or through other means, for example, by e-mail or by phone.


Data Manager

The personal data manager is the company LILL ONLINE d.o.o., Karlovška cesta 10, 1000 Ljubljana. Contact e-mail:

You can send any privacy and data processing questions to (If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or personal data processing, you can contact us. Following your request, we will provide you with information in reply − in written form and in accordance with regulations.)

In accordance with the purposes (described below), we collect the following personal data:

– basic information about the user (name and surname, address, place of residence);

– contact details and information about your communication with us (e-mail address, phone number, date, time and e-mail communication content);

– the purpose of how the user came in contact with us (for example, through a website, through application forms on a website, through an advertising campaign, …);

– information on your purchases and invoices issued (date of purchase, booking details, prices, total purchase amount, payment method, number and date of issue of the receipt, etc.);

– data on the use of the webpage (dates and times of website browsing, visited pages or URLs, browsing time on each website, number of pages visited, total time of browsing the page, settings made on the user page), and information of received messages (e -mail);

– data from the forms you filled in on our website, e.g. signing up for newsletter. promotional coupons etc.;

– other data you voluntarily provide us together with the request for certain services that require this information.

We do not collect or process your personal information except in cases where you allow it, for example, when ordering products or services, when commenting on products, when you sign up for a user account, when subscribing to our newsletter, or when there is a legal basis for the collection of personal data, or there is a legitimate interest in data processing.


Personal Data Storage

We will store your personal information for only as long as this is necessary to achieve the purpose with which your information was collected or processed. Examples are: finishing orders, sending e-mail notifications, checking payments …

Personal data, which is processed according to legal basis, is kept for a period defined by law. The personal data we collect and process for the purpose of dealing with the contract with our customers is kept for the duration of the contract and 5 years after the contract terminates.

We store the obtained personal data according to the legitimate interest or your personal consent until you revoke the authorisation. If the purpose is achieved or if a certain service from our site is not available any more, your information will be deleted before revoking it or in line with the law.

After the expiration of the storage period, we will render your personal data anonymous or permanently delete it.


Purpose and the Legal Basis for Data Processing

We collect and process your personal data on the following legal bases: legislation and contracts, individual consent and legal interest.


Data Processing according to Legal Basis and Contracts

We need your personal data in order to conclude and carry out the contract, i.e. our contractual obligation. If you do not provide us with personal data, we cannot conclude a contract and perform a service or deliver the ordered products according to the contract, as we do not have the necessary information to complete the contract.


Purpose of Data Processing

Data is processed in order to conclude and carry out the contract – to make your reservation, to communicate with customers, to check the status of payments and other obligations ….

Sending notifications about news, offers, discounts or other content via e-mail we inform our users and customers about new offers, favourable offers, new products or content … As Lill’s user or customer, you can cancel the electronic means of communication and processing personal data. You can submit the cancellation at any time via the link to unsubscribe from receiving e-mails, or you can send a written request to our e-mail address:


Legal Basis

Data may also be processed on the basis of legal interest, unless when the fundamental rights and privileges of an individual and the personal data associated with it prevail over legal interests.



What are cookies?

Cookies are nothing new, all web site visitors have many cookies from different websites on their computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Cookies are small text files that typically contain a sequence of letters and numbers that are downloaded to a user’s computer when they visit a particular webpage. Cookies are primarily intended to ensure the operation of the website. By using cookies, we can provide a better user experience. Cookies are critical to providing user-friendly online services. Without using some of the cookies, the website cannot function properly. The interaction between the web user and the site is faster and easier with the help of cookies. With their help, the site remembers the individual’s preferences and experiences, thus saving time and making browsing more efficient and friendly. However, cookies can also be used to track users and for advertising purposes.

If your settings in the browser you use to visit our site are set to accept cookies, it means that you agree to use them. Saving cookies is under the absolute control of a browser used by the user − which can either restrict or disable cookie storage.


Disabling Cookies

Users can decide whether you want to enable cookies. You can control and modify cookie settings in your web browser. Information about cookie settings (for various web browsers) is available on the links below:

If you turn off cookies, some of the webpage options will be disabled. More detailed information about cookies is also available on the Information Commissioner’s website.


Where are cookies used on our website? website uses two types of cookies. Type one, i.e. our own cookies, are indispensable for the operation of our website, without which it is not possible to provide quality services, shopping cart or, for example, secure online shopping.


Piškotki Provider Type Trajanje Opis
_icl_current_language HTTP 1 dan Saves user’s preferred language on website
wpml_browser_redirect_test HTTP Sejni  Saves user’s preferred language on website


coupon HTTP 1 mesec Coupon code for next reservation
booking_end_date_cookie HTTP 1 mesec Saves last booking to date
booking_guest_cookie HTTP 1 mesec Saves last number of guests
booking_prop_id_cookie HTTP 1 mesec Saves ID of last viewed property
booking_start_date_cookie HTTP 1 mesec Saves last booking from date

Type two cookies are intended to improve the functioning of the website and allows us to customize and improve the user experience. These cookies include, for example, web analytics, which allows us to compare visitors, analyse the visits to individual sub-pages, product view statistics, etc. …. (Google Analytics – Privacy Policy )

_ga HTTP 2 leti Registers a unique ID that is sed to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.
_gat HTTP 1 dan Used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate
_gid HTTP 1 dan Registers a uniqe ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website.
collect Pixel Sejni Piškotek pošilja podatke Google Analytics o uporabnikovi napravi in vedenju. / Used to send data to Google Analytics about the visitor’s device and behavior.
mailchimp_landing_site HTTP 27 dni Za beleženje načina kako/kje je uporabnik vstopil na spletno stran. Storitev izvaja ponudnik Mailchimp / Used to register how the user entered the website – This function is provided by Mailchimp.


We also use cookies to connect our website to online social networks, where users can share their experiences with us, as well as comment, post questions, or give reviews. (Facebook – Privacy Policy)


Cookies Used for Marketing

Besides our own cookies, we also use third-party cookies (e.g., Facebook etc.). For information about how third parties use cookies, check the privacy policies on their websites.

Facebook – Privacy Policy

Google – Privacy Policy

Mailchimp – Privacy Policy

Instagram – Privacy Policy

Processing Personal Data by our Subcontractors

The activities of online store and services could not be implemented or even provided without our subcontractors. With this privacy policy, you agree that we may trust your data to our subcontractors, according to your authorisation and in accordance with the purposes that are part of our privacy policy.


– accounting service

– the maintainers of online store and IT system

– payment system providers (SIX Payment Services)

– booking system providers (

– e-mail service providers (Mailchimp, WordPress and others…)

– web advertising providers (Facebook, Gooogle…)


Freedom of Choice and Data Processing Rights

You may choose not to provide us with your information. In this case, you will not be able to access certain functions of the website. If you change your personal data: (e-mail address, postal address, telephone number), please email us at In case you want to unsubscribe from our newsletter, please email us at


User Rights Regarding Data Processing

As administrators, we need to ensure fair and transparent data processing. As a user, you have the following rights:


Right to Withdraw Your Consent

In case that you have consented to processing of your personal data, you have the right to revoke this consent at any time. This does not affect the legal aspect of data processing that is carried out until the consent is revoked.

You may cancel the consent by submitting a written statement to:

If you choose to revoke the consent to process personal data, there is a possibility that we will no longer be able to offer our services (e.g. receiving news …) that cannot be carried out without using your personal data.


Users’ Right to Access Their Personal Data

As a user, you have the right to obtain a confirmation from the administrator whether your personal data is being processed. If your personal data is processed, you have the right to access this data, obtain information about the purpose of the processing, the type of data processed, data storage, the right to edit data, the right to delete the data etc.


Users’ Right to Edit Personal Data

The users may request the administrator to edit inaccurate personal data or amend the incomplete data.


The Right to Delete Personal Data

You have the right to request the administrator to delete personal data related to you (in certain cases as described in paragraph 3, Article 17 of GDPR, you do not have the right to request data removal). The administrator is obliged to delete the data within a reasonable time if there are any of the following reasons: 1. the data are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected, 2. if you revoke the consent to processing personal data, and there is no legal basis for the processing; 3. the data were unlawfully processed; 4. the user objects to data processing.


The right to limit the processing of data

The user has the right to request the administrator to limit the data processing.


The Right to Data Transfer/Portability

As a user, you have the right to obtain your personal data that were transmitted, and you may as well transfer them to another administrator when data processing is based on a contract or a consent to data processing.


The Right to Object to Data Processing

The Right to Lodge a Complaint with Supervisory Authority

If you believe that processing of your personal information is not in accordance with personal data protection regulations, you have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority. In Slovenia, this is the Information Commissioner.

You can obtain all information regarding personal data protection from the administrator, write to:

The administrator will respond to the request, no later than one month after the receipt of the request.


Notification of a Personal Data Protection Breach

If there is a breach of the protection of personal data, the administrator is obliged to inform the competent supervisory authority. The administrator is not obliged to notify the competent authority only if the infringement has not compromised the rights and freedoms of the user. The administrator is obliged to inform the police or the competent prosecutor’s office in the event of a suspicion that a criminal offense has been committed. If the infringement presents a high risk for the user who owns the personal data, the administrator is obliged to notify the user immediately.


Privacy Policy Changes and Notifications

Changes to our privacy policy and cookies will be published at LILL.SI website.

By using our web site, you acknowledge that you accept and agree to the complete content of our privacy policy and cookies.



Last change: November 2021