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General Terms and Conditions define the operation of direct and online bookings of apartments and LILL services, the rights and duties of the user and the provider of accommodation and services, as well as they regulate the business relationship between them. They are composed in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (General Data Protection Regulation − GDPR), Electronic Commerce Market Act (ECMA) and Electronic Communications Act (ECA).

The customer is bound by the general terms and conditions valid at the time of booking (when submitting online order). When submitting the order, the user is informed of the general terms and conditions and confirms being acquainted with them.

The owner of the web site:


Karlovška cesta 10, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
Registration number: 9003738000
Tax ID: 26550890


Types of Users

A user of online bookings can make a reservation as a guest or a member. Before the purchase, the guest is obliged to provide all the required information for the successful reservation. Each user can become a member by simply registering on the website and does not need to enter the data at each booking.

Upon registration, a guest receives a user name that is identical to his e-mail address and a password. If a user wants to change personal information, this can be done in the user profile.

A member makes the purchase faster, has insight into past purchases, and can create a wish list for further bookings.


Your User Account

First you are requested to register; when you are registered you have the ability to change your personal information and review your reservations.

With an open reservation, you can cancel the reservation by clicking on the grey button ‘Cancel Booking’.

You can continue with another payment by clicking the orange button ‘Pay for Booking’.

You can upload your account by clicking the grey button ‘Download (Advance) Invoice’ (depending on the status of your payment).

After the booking expires, a green button will be activated with the request ‘You can post the review after the trip’, which will redirect you to the page where you can submit your opinion.


Accessibility of Information

LILL, direct and online bookings of accommodation, undertakes to always provide the customer with the following information:

  • Name, the exact address and capacity of the apartment,
  • Reserved days, number of overnight stays,
  • All prices will be clearly and unambiguously defined and will clearly show whether they already contain taxes,
  • Payment method and confirmation of reservation,
  • How long the offer is valid,
  • Conditions for cancellation of reservation,
  • Instruction on how to submit a complaint, including all details of the contact person or customer service,
  • Contact details that enable the user to quickly and effectively communicate (e-form, e-mail address, telephone number),
  • Directions on how to get to the apartment.


Reservations and Prices

Accommodation or a service can be rented or booked as long as it is available and no reservation has been made for it. The reservation is only guaranteed upon the receipt of the deposit or the amount of the reservation.

Due to the nature of online business, the offer and the prices of online bookings of accommodations and services with LILL are updated and changed frequently. Online booking prices are the same for both registered members and guests of the website. VAT is not charged in accordance with Article 94 of the VAT Act. The prices are confirmed as stated at the time of submitting the booking and do not have a predetermined validity.

The rental price includes: bedding, towels, kitchen towels, electricity and / or gas, heating and standard final cleaning after departure.

The price of the service covers the provision of a service according to a predefined programme and time period.


Tourist Tax Payment

Tourist tax is not included in the price and is charged additionally. The amount of the tourist tax varies according to the location of the apartment and the age of the guests. It depends on the number of days of stay and number of guests.

Ljubljana €3.13/person/day; children (7-18 years of age) €1.57/person/day,

Bohinjska Bistrica, Škofljica €2.00/person/day; children €1.00/person/day,

Portorož, Laško €2.50/person/day; children (7-18 years of age) €1.25/person/day


Discount Code and Promotional Code:

The discount code or promotional code offers various benefits when purchasing via online re-reservations at LILL.SI. Each code is time limited and can only be used within the specified time period. Codes cannot be used after the expiry date.

  • Using the discount code and promotional codes:

Choose the accommodation or service that you want to book. When finalising the reservation and before paying, please enter the discount code (Coupon Code) and click on the ‘Apply’ button in the code field. The value of the voucher is deducted from the amount of the purchase.


Submitting a Request

When visiting the website, you select your ‘Check-in Date’ (or the date of the arrival in the apartment) and ‘Check-out Date’ (or the date of the departure from the apartment), the number of guests, and then you click the orange button ‘Send Inquiry’. Doing so, a message box opens where you can write your message for Lill and click ‘Send Message’. After receiving the message, we will reply as soon as possible.


Reservations Procedure

On the website, you select the Check-in Date (or the date of your arrival in the apartment) and the Check-out Date (or the date of departure from the apartment) and tick the number of guests. You agree to the Terms of Use, then click ‘Book Now’. Doing so, a message box opens where you can review a summary of your order together with purchase prices.

If you wish to proceed with the purchase, click the orange button ‘Pay for Booking’. If at this stage you click on the black button ‘Go to Reservations’, the web site will redirect you to the list of your bookings (see your User Account).

For complete booking, you must provide the required contact information marked with a red asterisk (name, surname, e-mail address, postal address, city, post code, country and phone number) that are required in order to confirm your reservation.

The form enables the User Account to be created and the user data has already been stored for the next booking.


Purchase Procedure

On the website, you select the Check-in Date (or the date of your arrival in the apartment) and the Check-out Date (or the date of departure from the apartment) and tick the number of guests. You agree to the Terms of Use, then click ‘Book Now’. Doing so, a message box opens where you can review a summary of your order together with purchase prices. If you wish to proceed with the purchase, click the orange button ‘Pay for Booking’ (last-minute purchase) or orange button ‘Pay for Deposit’ (purchase made 7 days before the arrival for apartments in Ljubljana or 14 days before the arrival for apartments and houses outside Ljubljana). Purchase options vary depending on the time left until the arrival in the apartment.

We offer you two purchase options, depending on the time left until the arrival to the apartment:

  1. In case you want to book an apartment last minute (7/14 days before the arrival or less), you have the purchase option in one step: You pay the full price and confirm your reservation. Reservation system gives the option: ‘Pay Full Price & Confirm Reservation’,

  2. In case you want to book an apartment more than 7/14 days before your arrival, you have the purchase option in two steps.

Step 1: Deposit payment (10% of the price), Reservation system gives the option: ‘Pay Deposit & Confirm Reservation

Step 2: You can arrange the rest of payment on your booking page where you can find the ‘Pay for Booking’ option.


Purchase for Legal Entities

The purchase procedure for legal entities is exactly the same as for natural persons, with one additional request, namely, at the end of the booking form it is necessary to enter the company name and the tax number. The payment options are also the same.


Payment Review and Payment

Method of Payment:

– With a credit card (Visa, Mastercard) through a secure SIX Payment Services payment system: The customer is redirected to the SIX Payment Services secure site where they make a payment. Reservations will be confirmed as soon as we receive the certificate of payment from SIX Payment Services.

– With a bank transfer to Lill current account.

All services are paid in EUR.


Booking Review

In your account are the reservations, that are active (when searching you clicked on the button Book now) and the reservation is still possible (the date of arrival is in the future, or the reservation has not been canceled check Cancellation of reservation). The price of reservation, extra costs and total price for payment are seen at every reservation, before the order is concluded.


Purchase Notification Procedure

After submitting the booking, the customer receives an e-mail confirmation that the reservation has been confirmed.

Lill can contact the customer to verify the information or to ensure the accuracy of the reservation on his phone number or e-mail address.


Issuing a Receipt

When paying online, LILL automatically creates a receipt and immediately sends it to you by email, in rare exceptions this may happen within 8 days at the latest.

The customer is obliged to verify if the data is correct before the reservation is made. We do not accept objections regarding the data submitted by the customer after the receipt is issued.


The customer has the right to be reimbursed for the paid reservation after writing a cancellation, namely:

– up to 30 days before the arrival: 90% of the reservation amount

– from 14*/7** days to 1 day before the arrival, the amount of the reservation is not refundable.

* Applies to apartments and houses outside Ljubljana

** Applies to apartments in Ljubljana


If you cancel your reservation for a longer period less than 7 days before your arrival (or on the day of the arrival), you are required to pay for the entire agreed amount of overnight stays up to one week.

For those staying shorter than initially agreed with the reservation, the daily prices are calculated according to the valid price list.

A cancellation can be made in our reservation system, in the customer’ User Account, by clicking on the ‘Cancel Reservation’ button, or by e-mail: You can also get the cancellation form here.

The form must be completed in full. The refund of the corresponding payment will be made to the customer as soon as possible and within 14 days from the receipt of the cancellation form at the latest.

In order to ensure certainty, accuracy and timeliness of the reimbursement, and provide a record of payment, the refund is payed exclusively by bank transfer to the customer’s bank account. It is not possible to get the refund in cash.

Where the discount code or promotional code was used, this amount is considered as a discount and is not returned to the user. Only the amount paid is refunded to the customer’s bank account, however, the customer receives a new promotional code to use with further bookings.

Check-in and check-out for the apartment and house rules:

Checking in to the apartment is possible from 15.00 – 21.00 (in Portorož from 16.00 – 21.00), unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Checking out from the apartment is possible until 10 a.m., unless otherwise agreed in advance.

The guest is obliged to follow the house rules, which one can find in the apartment.

The guest is obliged to report the complaint on the same day when the irregularity is encountered, in written and no later than eight days after the end of the stay. In other cases, we are not required to accept the complaint.

Any damage caused is charged for according to the price list.

In some cases, there may be different house rules than stated herein, so please check the house rules in each apartment. Also, additional or special conditions depend on which apartment you rent. For more information, please contact: or call 00386 51 888 191.


Security uses appropriate technological and organizational resources to protect the transfer and storage of personal information and payments. uses SSL certificate issued by a licensed organization.


Personal Data Protection

LILL is committed to protecting all personal data of the customer in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation − GDPR and Personal Data Protection Act.

LILL keeps the following customer data for an indefinite period of time: name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number, address and delivery address, country of residence, time and date of registration.

The received personal data is used exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling the order (sending information, promotion, receipts) and the necessary communication with the customer.

In no case shall the customer’s information be handed over to unauthorized persons.

In order to protect personal data, the customer is also responsible for ensuring the security of his or her e-mail address, username and password, and the appropriate software (antivirus) protection of his or her computer.

More about privacy here.



LILL will contact the customer only if the user explicitly does not object to it.

Advertising emails will include the following components:

• they will be clearly marked as advertising messages,

• the sender will be clearly evident,

• various promotions and other marketing techniques will be designated as such and the conditions of participation will clearly be defined,

• how to unsubscribe from receiving ad messages will be clearly presented.

LILL will fully respect the costumer’s wish not to receive advertising messages.


Reviews, Ratings and Recommendations

Reviews, ratings and recommendations that the customers write are part of the online store functionality and are intended for the community of all customers.

LILL enables all customers to write their opinion of online bookings and reviews them before posting online. LILL will not publish reviews that are in any way offensive, inappropriate, containing obvious distortions, are misleading or offensive or which, in our judgment, do not offer benefits to other customers and visitors. LILL is not responsible for the information in the reviews and is not liable for the information provided in the reviews.

By submitting a review or a comment, the customer explicitly agrees with the terms of use regarding reviews and allows the online publication of a part or all of the text in all electronic and other media. LILL holds the right to use the content of the review or the comment for unlimited time period and for any purpose that is in the LILL’S business interest, including the publication in advertisements or other marketing communications. At the same time, the author of the review declares and ensures that he or she owns material and moral rights for the written reviews and comments, and that these rights are transferred to LILL on a non-exclusive basis and for unlimited time period.


Limitation of Liability

LILL is making every effort to ensure that data published on its website is up-to-date and correct. Nevertheless, the characteristics of the services, the possibility of reservations or the price can change so quickly that LILL sometimes fails to correct the information on its website. Should this be the case, LILL will notify the customer of the changes and will allow the cancellation or change the reservation.


Exclusion of Liability

We reserve the right to disable the access to Lill webpage due to technical or other problems and maintenance, which means disabling or hindering the online reservations system. In case of technical problems on the website, Lill has the right to cancel the submitted reservation affected by the technical error. In the event the reservation has been cancelled, Lill will notify you as soon as possible and inform you of further steps. You must ensure that you have adequate equipment protection (antivirus protection, etc.) before accessing and using Lill’s website.



It is important to report any errors on the spot and as soon as possible to the service provider (booking staff). In the event of a complaint, the booking staff or the service providers must make the necessary steps to correct the deficiencies as soon as possible.

If the deficiencies have not been taken care of on the spot, the consumer may, upon returning home, claim a proportional reduction in the price, within 2 months after the service has been completed. If the scope and quality of the services provided differ significantly from what was agreed, the consumer is entitled to receive the refund of the complete amount paid.

The request for a price reduction or the refund of the amount paid does not affect the consumer’s right to claim damages. The complaint should be accompanied with as much evidence as possible, e.g. pictures, minutes …

LILL respects the current consumer protection legislation. LILL strives to fulfil its duty to provide an effective complaint handling system. The complaint processing procedure is confidential. In the case of complaints, LILL seeks to achieve an amicable settlement of disputes.

In accordance with legal norms, sole trader LILL ONLINE d.o.o. does not recognize competent any provider of out-of-court dispute settlements to resolve a consumer dispute, which the consumer can initiate in accordance with the Law on out-of-court dispute settlement.


Out-of-court Dispute Settlement

Sole trader LILL ONLINE d.o.o. as a private company and a provider of goods and services that deals with direct and online trade in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, publishes on its website the online link to the Online Dispute Resolution Consumer Platform (SRPS). The platform is available to consumers on the Internet on:

The aforementioned regulation is derived from the Law on out-of-court dispute settlement Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No. 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22/EC.


Date of the latest change to the General Terms and Conditions: November 30, 2021